We're very excited to be working with CP Studio to put together the first Battle for the Ballot! This dance event aims to build connections between social music & dance with social justice & civic engagement. We hope this event inspires you to get involved and take action to build and empower our local Seattle dance community and beyond! 

The first part of the event will have several workshops taught by local and invited guest teachers. Following the movement workshops will be a guided panel discussion with educators from the studio and classroom space to help build connections between the history of popular social music & dance with the history of social and civic justice movements of the past.

The main event is a 2v2 Open styles battle with featured performances from local artists. Various local organizations and organizers in the community have been invited to bring information on how to get involved with them and our broader communities. 

This whole event is FREE all day, including the workshops and discussion panel and we're excited for you to join us in this day of movement and empowerment. We ask everyone to please RSVP so we can get to know the community we are situated in, accommodate any specific needs to access the space and signup for the battle.